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Three blind men and an elephant walk into a bar...

4 December 1969
Memory is fallible. The past is an illusion.
13th floor elevators, alpha-linolenic acid, art, art cars, articulation, austin, beer, belgian beer, black rock city, blue agave, board games, boring movies, bourbon, breasts, bruce haack, burlesque, burning flipside, burning man, burningman, camping, canyons, captain beefheart, cheese, cheesewomen, chicago, christina ricci, communication, compassion, computers, cremaster, creme brulee, critical thinking, cryptomysticism, cuddling, cunnilingus, curry, deserts, dogs, dream interpretation, dreaming, dreams, drew barrymore, drunken yelling, dutch heritage, ears, eno, entheogens, ethics, fabulous costumes, films, flax seeds, flipside, foreign films, freaks, friendship, g-spots, geeks, gigsville, girls, glock, goat milk, good beer, good food, good scotch, green, green tea, health food, herbal tea, holiday, homebrewing, honyocking, hugging, hugs, humor, iconoclasm, independence, insanity, intentional communities, intimacy, irony, jackassery, jeremy davies, johnny depp, kingdom of slack, kissing, kundalini, lake michigan, lakes, laughing, lesbians, lexx, liberalism, life, live music, long now, love, marriage, mountains, movies, mysticism, nature, negativland, nekkidness, noam paco gaster, nudity, organic food, pere ubu, polyamory, porn, relationships, religious freedom, restaurants, road trips, roky erikson, rollerderby, salads, sarongs, science fiction, scotch, shiprock, sloshball, snuggling, soymilk, spaghetti westerns, spicy food, spiritual sex, stripping, t-rex, talking, tea, tequila, texas, thai food, the residents, the sheep fiends, theatre, theremin, theremin music, theremins, thinking, tolerance, travel, underwater sleep project, university of chicago, wim wenders, wisdom, wit, women, words, writing