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Last Night's Dream and this morning's followups.

Kids woke me numerous times again last night. Bleh.

Near the end of sleep, I had a dream. I was going to say a strange dream, but all my dreams are strange, and this was probably less so than most.

A group of us were Collapse )

This was all going along very nicely, for a very long time. I don't remember this part of the dream that well, but it seemed much longer than the part I do remember well. At some point, when I'm joking around with a couple people, I heard some kind of strange sound coming from a filing cabinet. The top drawer on a filing cabinet. In hindsight, I don't recall if it was music or buzzing or what. Might have been my wife's alarm clock going off. But it was an odd sound to be coming from there. So I open up the filing cabinet, and inside is an odd little device. Collapse )

And then I was awoken rather suddenly. I can't remember if it was one of my kids needing attention or my wife's alarm going off. I know my kids woke me a few times in the night needing something, and I got up to help with whatever it was. I also remember one time her alarm went off and she woke me to tell me what time it was, and to let me know she was getting up to get the kids ready. Because I was up so often in the night with them, I can sleep in if I want to. I mutter something about having had an odd dream, and decide to lay there awhile thinking about what it could mean. So I start really pondering this device, more than the rest of the dream. The friends, the office manager, the police, the Agent, all that seems less important than the device. Like somehow understanding what the device symbolizes will give me some kind of key insight for my life.

As I'm pondering that, my thoughts about it become weirder and weirder until I realize that I drifted off during my thoughts and had a dream in which I was trying to interpret my other dream, but my thoughts were so jumbled and dreamlike that I was left without anything useful.

This repeated itself several times over the course of the morning - trying to decipher the symbolism of the device and falling into another dream. I don't know what that was, nor why I was so attached to interpreting it before the rest of the dream. And I don't really know what the heck any of it means.

Has this happened to you?

So, this morning, like most mornings, I get in the car and plug in my iPod. I've had it for a few years. It's a "classic" series iPod, back when they made them with sufficient storage space. Mine holds 120G and is nearly full. I've got 15,937 tracks on it. Many of those, maybe as many as half, are things I'm "hoarding" - stuff I got for free that I don't really know yet. But a lot of them are "my" songs, stuff I know and love.

This is a good segue to Collapse )

So a few days ago, I think Thursday, I was driving home and put it the iPod on random shuffle, and a few tracks came on. One I know I already had on that playlist, but it was so darn good I let it play through. And then another that went really well with it, so I marked that for later adding to the playlist, and continued. Something I skipped. Then something I had never really listened to before but now realize is awesome, so I added that.

And then I got home and proceeded with my weekend. Any iPod playing I did over the weekend was with the kids in the car, and they requested a particular compilation CD from a friend and that's what we heard. In fact, I liked it so much I listened to another track on it this morning, before switching back to "shuffle all".

And that's when it got weird.

At first, I was like "Oh, isn't that neat, that's one of the songs I heard the other day. And then another, and I'm like "Jeez, two in a row, maybe this 'shuffle' isn't so random." And then another. And then one I didn't recognize, but would have skipped anyway. And then two, in a row, that I swear were in a row before. And then one that I remember being really torn about whether or not to add to that playlist. (Last week, I had decided not to, but changed my mind this time.)

All told, shuffle pulled up 12 songs (so far) in a row, that it pulled up the last time I shuffled. More than that, it seems to have pulled them up in the same order, including the first one I started with. It's possible I'm remembering that detail wrong, or maybe some of these are out of order, but if it's not exact, it's awfully damn close. Far closer than is warranted from a random selection of nearly 16K tracks.

I'm not sure what to make of it. Another playlist I suppose. Maybe somehow I accidentally selected something that made it not reshuffle. Maybe that's an easy thing to do and I've always somehow not done that.

That's why my subject line: Is this something your iPod has ever done?

Oh shit. I was just about to put the tracklist here, and accidentally hit the "back" button one too many times, and now they're gone. I can still remember many of them. I just hit "shuffle" and now it reshuffled. Dammit, I was really excited about sharing this list.

Collapse )

Bah, that's frustrating. The whole thing has a dreamlike quality to it. Like when you've got to search for something or construct something, and that's your "goal" in the dream, and you may not even be aware of why that's your goal, but it is. And weird things happen that make your goal start to come together for no particular reason. But then you make one little slip-up and the whole thing falls apart. And now you're frustrated with yourself. And maybe scared that it will have bad consequences in the dream, but not always. Certainly not with this situation.


Big hail, only slightly smaller than the proverbial golfballs. Larger than I've seen before. Lots of it. Woke up the kids and the car alarms. I got them all back to sleep, wonder when it's my turn.

I did get a couple good pics of one piece before it melted, at least. I hope the cars aren't messed up from it.
Domo Kitty

St. Patrick's Day.

I don't generally do much for St. Patrick's Day. If I realize what day it is when I'm getting dressed, I'll make a point to wear green, but then I wear green very often, so that I frequently don't realize what day it is until someone compliment's me on my shirt or something.

Today I haven't worn any green, because I haven't seen anyone outside my immediate family and some strange man who came to pick up a broken-ass chair I put in craigslist's free section.

Just now, I decided to make myself a drink, and remembered we have some kind of nasty creme soda syrup that we bought for Flipside many years ago, for snow cones. Like 06 or 07, I think. Anyway, I left it with the snow cone maker at ice camp, and ended up finding it packed in my stuff when I got home. I guess they didn't want it either.

So... yes. A shot of gin, a teaspoon or so of this syrup, and some sparkling water. (Lime flavored, at least.)

It's not very good. The syrup is somewhat medicinal tasting, and a slight hint of toothpaste-like mint. The gin really brings all the mediciney flavors to the front, too. It's a pale green that looks vaguely fluorescent, and it bears an eerie similarity to a lot of popular depictions of radioactive glow. I have a blacklight somewhere, I should see if it does glow. That might be cool.
New Years

So tired.

Great day at the Ren Faire yesterday, then up kinda late last night, then time zone change and dealing with house insurance and wheelbarrows and clocks and mimosas ... until about a half hour ago I'm just about falling asleep. And yeah, it's been tiring, but it didn't make any sense that I would be quite that tired ...

Then I realized that in all the stuff going on this morning, I forgot to make coffee. First time that's happened in a long time. Usually my first symptom is a withdrawal headache. Honestly, I think the warfarin has changed how I respond to caffeine, too. That's some strong medicine, literally.

Anyway, got some coffee with a little maca in it now and things are heading back to normal. (The new normal, that is.)

When I grow up.

I think I might have actually figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

I want to work out a few more details before I start spreading it around. Well... a lot more details, actually.


Posted two things to Craigslist today. One is our old TV Armoire for $20. It's pretty nice, but I want to get it out quickly.

The other was our old shoe shelf that I built. I figured no one would pay for it so I put it on the free section. 10 responses in one hour, including two people offering to pay me money - even after putting in the free section.

I guess I don't know much about the second-hand furniture market.

If you're looking for furniture, check it out yo: